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Re: Baby and bathwater

JimKasson wrote:

Greg7579 wrote:

My personal opinion is that DOF calculators are garbage in the field, especially w MF - a total waste of time unless you are using one to demonstrate the general academic theory of aperture effect on DOF in a hand-wave kind of teaching moment.

I could be wrong and don't mean to step on anyone's like or use of these DOF apps. Have at it if you think it will cause you to dial in a smaller apperture, because that is what you need to do e MF.

I want as much DOF as I can get almost 95 percent of my shooting situations because I am not a portrait artist. I dial in as much DOF as hand held speed will allow while maintaining a decent (hopefully base) ISO and try not to go into diffraction too much. But I am no longer afraid of F 11 to get DOF in MF landscapes. Olny Superman (and maybe Erik) will see the loss of res between F8 and 11. DOF tables are a waste of time and almost always wrong with MF. No... Not almost .... They are wrong always.

There's a baby in that bathwater. With the right CoC dialled in, DOF calculators and tables are just fine, as far as they go. They almost always ignore diffraction and sensor pixel blur, which can be more important in some parts of the image than CoC.


Jim, you went easy on me.  But I knew I was not going to get away with that post unscathed..... 😁

Greg Johnson, San Antonio, Texas

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