Canon 70-300 mm IS USM II on Canon 80D

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Re: Canon 70-300 mm IS USM II on Canon 80D

jvc1 wrote:

AhmedH87 wrote:

Hi all,

I have just received the Kenko Teleplus HD pro 1.4X DGX Tele Converter via post today's morning and I gave it a try.

I tried it on my Canon 70-300 mm IS USM ll on the manual mode of Canon 80D and it gave me AGAIN the 'Err 01' message. I made sure that I am shooting in the f5.6 on the 300 mm range and the results was nothing.

I am a bit disappointed now after trying both the 2.0X and the 1.4X, but it seems to me that this lens is not ready to be coupled with any TC despite the camera's capability to focus on f8 with the 27 AF points.

I won't give up on it and I will probably going to try other 1.4X TCs, hopefully the malfunction was a result of this particular version of Kenko TCs.

I will keep you informed!



With the 80d, of Canon's own TC's, only the 1.4 III will autofocus @ f/8. Versions 1 and 2 will not. I'd be surprised if any 3rd party TC would work.

I went from Canon to 3rd party TCs mainly cause of the physical incompatibility. The lens's Bajonett has a fixed glass element that won't fit with Canon extenders of any model

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