Canon 70-300 mm IS USM II on Canon 80D

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Re: Canon 70-300 mm IS USM II on Canon 80D

benjilafouine wrote:

AhmedH87 wrote:

I tried everything.. On the manual camera mode:

1- AF on lens on: Err 01 right after switching the camera on

2- AF and IS on the lens on: Err 01 right after switching the camera on

3- AF on the lens off: camera switched normally, tried to manual focus on f5. 6/300 mm, getting Err 01 message right away when pressing the shutter button

I am desperate 😞

Guess it won't work then. I have a Canon 70-200 mm f2.8 with a 2x extender that gives beautiful pictures (but it is quite expensive). Not the perfect setup for birds in flight but it works. Some people also like the Tamron 150-600 mm and they love it and it is not that expensive. Maybe you should start saving for a setup like that.

I have heard about the Tamron 150-600 mm and seen some of its photos. It looks fine but no idea how it performs in action, in terms of BIF.

I owned the Canon 100 mm L f2.8 Macro long before the 70-300 mm lens and the TC was the idea that sparked back then to extend the 100 mm. Plus I wanted to make use of its sharpness which is as brilliant as the canon 70-200 mm. A con here is it is a prime lens, so I am a bit confined.

Let's see how the current 70-300 mm will perform in BIF with the NanoUSM and then may be decide to upgrade. On the canon 80D I could reach to up to 480 mm, so let's get this lens dirty before upgrading to Tamron 150-600.

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