E-M1X and Panasonic-Leica 100-400mm Images

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Re: E-M1X and Panasonic-Leica 100-400mm Images

AussiePhil wrote:

One thing i've found after a couple of years with this lens now across EM1mk2 and now the EM1X is the raw files when using the PL seem/are "softer" than the files from the 40-150Pro or even the 12-100Pro. don't own the 300F4 but assume that its the same.

If you look at lenstip.com  you will find that the resolution of both the 40-150 and the 12-100 Olympus is greater (more line pairs/mm) than the 100-400. Add the the 1.4 TC to the 40-150 and the tables begin to turn in favor of the 100-400.

Not going to guess at the technical reasons I just know that the files from the PL100-400 will sharpen up really nicely and even full stretch 400mm images can/will end up tack sharp

Certainly on the mk2 the 100-400 lens OIS was the better choice generally and you can get stupidly low shutter speeds for longer focal lengths. Haven't yet compared Lens OIS v IBIS for the EM1X as i continue to be happy with the lens OIS after a few thousand dragon boat racing photos over the weekend with the combo.

Still hate the different zoom direction and my earlier in the life cycle copy has a stiff zoom ring

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