Could Topaz make Telephoto shots reasonable?

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Re: Could Topaz make Telephoto shots reasonable?

Yes. Gigapixel seems to work best when the input file is really sharp, so any use of Sharpen should be immediately prior to, rather than after, Gigapixel. It makes sense: you don't want to upscale any blurred areas in the original. Of course, Sharpen doesn't always produce good results, so it's only worth using on images where it doesn't introduce unpleasant artefacts.

This is well worth noting, and I'm going to try this method in my tests. A Topaz representative has asked me to use my Canon 100-400 L lens with 1.4 extender, and Sigma 50-500 with 2.0 extender to see how much improvement Topaz could make on landscape and cityscape photographs in terms of cropping, shooting with high ISOs, and both.

These are decent mid-level lenses, but of course they won't compete with the quality of an 800mm Canon prime lens, which costs $13,000. Since they can't open wider than f11 at their maximum reach, it should be interesting to see how the Topaz AI programs can handle low-light shots at ISOs as high as 12,800. (I won't go higher than that, as 25,600 is really asking too much of any software.)

What's important here is not developing a cropped or uncropped image that's as pristine as one produced by an expensive prime lens, but creating a picture through the use of Topaz filters that the photographer would consider acceptable to his viewing audience. That's a matter of personal interpretation, of course, but if enough photographers here are satisfied with these new AI programs, then I think it could be said that Topaz is really on to something.

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