the play of d-pad is same as before

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Re: the play of d-pad is same as before

cayzi wrote:

illd3fined wrote:

can't do a comparison as I don't have the first one anymore, but I did try them side by side at the camera store and felt the difference. it was a tiny difference mind you, and purely cosmetic but it did feel a little better to me.

mine is at the very beginning of the 2nd range and it moves just like this at the 1:55 mark:

My copy is from affected serial range and it moves like you posted in your video reference.

Now i wondering how other serials compare like yours from serials number which should be ok.

Still would be fun to see your video how it moves

It looks like not every camera in serial range have same issue.

My first affected unit would rotate up to like 10 degrees. My replacement moves like 1 degree. Honestly I probably wouldn't really notice it even for the first unit if it wasn't for the internet since it doesn't affect the operation.

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