Is It True That The 24-70 VR is Bad At Close Distances?

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Does it matter if you're not on a tripod? No. It doesn't. For me, the reason I use f/2.8 zooms is that on Nikons at least, they're the fastest and most accurate autofocusers  which is equally if not more important than ultimate sharpness.

When I need to shoot 1,000 or 1,200 photos in 2 hours, it's all about the flow and I don't want balky autofocus to upset my rhythm.

The next question is whether using a close up diopter filter will put the focusing group closer to it's optimal position and thereby improve sharpness.

anotherMike wrote:

It's best at or near infinity.

Things in the 5-10 foot category, will depend. The closer you are to minimum focus distance, the more you're running into areas it wasn't meant to be "the sharpest" at. Roughly speaking, think 20 feet and out - hard to put a number on that. There will be sharper testing lenses at 5-10 feet, but again, does it matter if you're not on a tripod, etc.... that's the whole thing here.


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