Studying the 8-16mm lens on the SD Quttro H

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Studying the 8-16mm lens on the SD Quttro H

Well, these aren't exactly Dan's cherry blossoms, but they still might be interesting to some people. I decided to shoot some more photos with the 8-16mm lens, while in the room I'm staying in L.A. this morning, and I shot a few different focus settings. These are OOC jpegs (Portrait color mode, with sharpness turned to the least amount, as I normally shoot). The first shot is just shy of infinity, and you can see the bottle on the table to the left is in best focus, but the other two are just past infinity and almost half way past infinity to the infinity symbol. I normally shoot right in the middle between the infinity mark and the infinity symbol, because that seems to give me the best compromise, though true infinity is still not quite in focus. Shooting mountains I would probably shoot at a setting almost to the infinity symbol. I haven't shot any mountains with this lens yet though. It's hard to believe these little changes make so much difference at f11 on such a wide-angle lens, but they sure seem to. What do you think?

I wish the focus distance setting would be both recorded and displayed on the screen, when shooting. That way I could more accurately repeat my settings, once I find the best compromise.

As you computer users can see, I shot these 8 second exposures at 9mm. This was to avoid major vignetting. I figure the 9mm setting should be about equivalent to 12mm on a full-frame camera, so almost the same view that we will have with the 12-24mm f4 Art at the wide end on the upcoming full-frame Sigma camera.

BTW, the white balance setting was Auto for these, a setting I don't normally use, but none of my presets were working for this scene (making things look a bit too yellow, cold, or purple), and I didn't want to mess with the Kelvin temperature setting. I think the color turned out well.

Out of the three photos, I think I like the first one best, becuase I'm not seeing much difference in details anywhere except the Crystal Geyser water bottle on the table at left, and the first shot seems to show that in best focus.

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