About the wild placement of the RX1R series on dpreview

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Re: About the wild placement of the RX1R series on dpreview

deednets wrote:

I have used 3 different full frame RX1s, the original one, then the RX1r and now the RX1R2. The allocated forum here on dpreview is the Cybershot forum where people with RX100s and RX10s mainly hang out.

Well it has a few things in common with that forum. 1) It is a Cybershot 2) It has RX in its name 3) The add-on EVF for RX1/R can be used with some of the earlier RX100 series models (pre MK IV I think).

I don't have any problem with those cameras, but have absolutely zip interest in those, would never ever use them etc. Since the RX1R2 is a 2015 camera the coverage is raterh dim over there and also possibly also finds a lot of RX100 users who would likewise never ever consider the RX1R2.

I have RX100 Mk IV and RX1R but I did get the RX1R first. Never taken to my RX100 Mk IV and will probably sell it soon. It's got some great tech within but I just like my Samsung EX2F too much to risk using it. Daft I know but I sold it once and regretted it and ended up with 2 copies now. One has a dodgy mode dial so I purchased a 2nd copy.

No-man's-land so it seems.

I feel the same with my Fuji XF10. Most posts about it are in the Fuji Finepix forum despite it being an "X" model. I guess the issue is it's not strictly a system camera but neither is X100 series.

Then there's the Panasonic LX100/II - that gets put with its smaller siblings (LX7 etc) rather than m43.

The closes thing that comes to mind is the E-mount forum, but there are rules that if posted in the wrong forum it will be re-directed, even though RX1R2 user might have more in common with A7R II/III users than with RX100 users.


A mini-problem - which possibly doesn't even deserve the tag "problem" - but makes it hard to share and potentially post images, post processing, RAW conversions and the likes if the main user base is 1".

Oh I don't know. Gives your pics the opportunity to shine. 

In short: I can see myself using an A7R II or III alongside the RX1R2 with the 24/1.4 and the 85/1.4 (I really like aperture rings!!).

I have A7R2 and A7S and have to adapt to get aperture rings. Here's one taken with A7S and Olympus Zuiko 21mm F2 which just got repaired and returned. It's sat in my cupboard for years.

What's your take on this admittedly first-world problem?

Blame the manufacturers. They should make different models more distinct when giving them names instead of trying to cash in on previous money makers reputation.


Nice shot.

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