About the wild placement of the RX1R series on dpreview

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Re: About the wild placement of the RX1R series on dpreview

leonche64 wrote:

MrGubrz wrote:

I have always thought it was silly of them to use this technicality of placement rather than "type of user using camera"

Type of user is way too vague. They group cameras according to the technology. There are forums for people that use the camera to take landscapes, a different one for portraits, black and white, etc. If someone discovers a bug in their A7x camera, it could affect everyone in the forum. Does not affect an RX1 user at all. A user observation about a new lens could be of use to everyone with an A7 through an A9. No use to an RX1 camera at all. There are even some menu differences. Other than sensor size, what is really the similarity?

The user base?? Isn't the forum also about the users?

An example as to what I am getting at here?? An RX1 user might be looking at other offerings with a similar/same sensor e.g. me, looking at an A7RII/III in combination with a 24mm and an 85mm lens.

I would then use the A7 for portraits and landscapes and the RX1 for street, enviromental portraits and scenarios where size matters

According to you I should then share my experience and photos with people who use 1" sensors whereas my portraits are accepted here?

Dunno but this looks a little bit like somebody working for some bureaucrat must have come up with that idea.


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