portrait lens for hobbyist

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portrait lens for hobbyist

I got sony A7III + Tamron 28-75mm F2.8 + godox TT350S + peak design leash + peak design sling bag 5L

I am in the market for portrait lens and got few options, need some input
1. sony 85mm F1.8
(lightweight, great review, cheap (in my country (indonesia) it is IDR 5.450.000 = 385 USD dont ask me why and how. I dont know.). If i Get this lens, I will be wondering what i miss from F1.4 for the rest of my life hahahaha
2. samyang 85mm F1.4
lightweight for F1.4 lens, unproven yet with limited reviews (early review is good enough), price would be double the sony 85mm F1.8 in my country (samyang 35, 50 are direct conversion from their USD price) , so difference in price is a lot more than normal prices on amazon etc) + i need to buy the lens station as well
3. tamron telephoto lens (will come eventually with small size)
I like the versatility of zooms, and at the long end, I like the compression, bokeh etc. but it will be heavier than the 85mm above, and might not fit the current bag. I do not mind wait and see. If i have to guess, it would be as small as the new canon 70-200 which would be amazing size, but its a wild guess.

I take pics of fam, but i like other hobbyist, i do take pics of everything.. 
I am not in a hurry, its only hobby, and i like to travel light and hoping i dont need to change bag when i add another lens.
I have been taking pics with tamron @ 75mm F2.8, research and compare with 85mm F1.8, F1.4. they are different, but i can always play with distance, background to get nice bokeh, pics that pop etc etc.. or maybe its my gas talking. i am confused hahaha
So get a new lens OR stay with my kit?
Any advice is appreciated.

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