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Re: M6 screen.....

Guy Parsons wrote:

As a screen only user I too found the M6 screen very difficult in daylight. Then I set the screen to "Sunny Weather" and no more problems. Just completed 2 weeks in Singapore and did not need to use the EVF at all.

Those sweep panoramas are a problem with most cameras, I simply take a bunch of overlapping images and stitch later with the free Microsoft ICE. That way I get a much higher resolution panorama to work with.

Polarised glasses - that was 100% idiotic for Sony to use that screen on the M6. I think this is the first camera that I have had that does that. Others usually black out in portrait mode, a couple at near 45° and one does not black out at all.

Sorry that the M6 did not work out for you, in my case I find it to be the perfect travel camera.

Regards....... Guy

Of course I set LCD to "Sunny Weather"  It is still substantially dimmer than the M2.

I too think it could be the perfect travel camera.  I tried so hard to make it work, but in the end it was so frustrating using it that I could not live with a $1300 device that had this critical usability issue.  For my eyes the EVF is near impossible to use as well, I just see a high contrast scene with no details and can't read the small text.  With EVF I need to use my near vision, with an OVF I can use my much better distance vision.

Oh I also bought a Canon SL2 to replace my old 30D.  The LCD screen on it is easy to see in all conditions and it is only set to 66% brightness (factory default is 50%).  With polarized glasses it dims in portrait mode, but not fully.

I really hope to get a RX100M7 when released if it fixes the LCD problem and even better if it had a larger EVF.  It truly is the best travel camera.

As to stitching I used to take multiple images with 30D and stitch with ICE, but found the RX100M2 to give such perfect results I didn't bother.  The M6 is a huge step backward in in camera stitching - so bad as to be useless.  That was one other reason to return. Why live with a worse implementation of a feature I used and loved so much on the older camera.

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