Hydra Greece with V1 and new to me 70-300 CX

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Re: Hydra Greece with V1 and new to me 70-300 CX

That first shot is, of course, an excellent photo, any way you look at it!
I hope no one got the impression that I felt otherwise.
I think it's pretty much a coincidence that a lot of this discussion came to 'be', and hope that RedVespa isn't feeling a little overwhelmed for having done nothing wrong!
Still, many interesting ideas have been brought up as a result.  I can't help wondering if some of the 'settings' that might affect different people's viewing experience are in some way analogous to the occasional excessively 'dark' images I've sometimes seen in recent times, which many other people here don't seem to 'see' in the same way.

Congratulations and thumbs-up on the 'new to you' 70-300 paired with the V1!  Nice!  

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