RESULTS: ***Mini-Challenge 541 *** "Humanity . . ."

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RESULTS: ***Mini-Challenge 541 *** "Humanity . . ."

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Please find results for ***Mini-Challenge 541 *** Humanity on the Move to Earth Day.

I always enjoy the exhibits. Sometimes, I enjoy them more so than the entries.
That was not the case this time around. I liked them all, and I appreciate the lessons that I learned from each.
Thank you to the following exhibitors:
Jerry045, DeGijon, TeamPMUK, snappyden, Mina J, Val Bueno, ulop, mike geier, edform, Trafford2, Bill Borne, Jerry R, and, hwvlover.


Honorable Mention: Members Bill Borne, Jerry045, hwvlover, and Trafford2, will share the aforementioned.
Third Place: Member edform's, "Milleneum Olive Tree," attesting to the slow passage of time, takes 3d place.
Second Place: Member DeGijon's "Pilgrim Skipping Stones," takes 2d place.

Member DeGijon's "Bright Sunny Day" takes 1st place, for its "hurry up and wait" queu, and for the line's participant who takes heed not to look at the sun.
Congratulations Member DeGijon.

It's been an honor to have hosted this challenge. Thank you for trusting in my one good eye. The other one can't help but wink, blink, ok, tear.
Some of us kept the fort alive while others went on vacation. I'm going over to the other rooms of this house, but, I'll be back to submit my next First Place.

Sincerely yours,

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