When do you use other cameras?

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Since I bought the Panasonic Lumix FZ1000 1" sensor superzoom (supposedly for my partner's upcoming safari trip), I have found I use that almost all the time. For my purposes the image quality is indistinguishable from any other camera and the sheer convenience of an all-in-one camera that requires no additional lenses or accessories other than a spare battery is compelling.

I look at my DP2M in the cupboard from time to time but basically, I'm just very lazy

And there is something liberating about a one lens solution - especially as it is such a good lens.

I thing this is why I find myself leaving my Sigma behind, and just taking my Nikon D810 with the 24-135mm lens on it.

You talk about fancy lenses on your wish list like 14-24 f2.8 Art, 85 f1.4 Art, 70-200 f2.8 Sport, "holy trinity", but use old tat like a third party 24-135? At least you could have used a Nikon 24-120 which is merely "debatable"

Where's the commitment to excellence that you'll need, to get the best out of any Sigma FF and it's base iso sharpness?

Talk about incongruous.

You're ABSOLUTELY right about that. I need to get better lenses, but this Sigma 24-135 is really sharp in the middle. It's a lot better than my Nikon lenses. If I had 3x as much money, I would probably have bought that Nikon 24-120mm f4 VR, but I wonder if it would really be better.

And what's this "third party" stuff?!? Sigma lenses aren't some sort of downgrade.

The main reason I got the Sigma 24-135 lens was to try it out, to see if I think it would work as an alternative to the 24-105mm f4 OS Art on my SD Quattro H, and from my experience with it so far, I think it just might work for me, and give me more range at the same time.

BTW, have you seen my samples from the Sigma 24-135?


That fourth from last one (the shot of the poles) shows that it's really no blurry in the corners at 24mm, like people say. Instead it just had a seriously curved field of focus, which is better for some subjects, like canyons, building interiors, etc.

Oh, and right now I'm in L.A. Here's a photo of me, from my 8-16mm lens on my SD Quattro H (an OOC jpeg, shot at 9mm to reduce the vignetting, in Portrait mode, with sharpness turned all the way down):

9mm f11 ISO 100 5 sec. Portrait color mode, with Incandescent white balance

Sometimes I miss having macro, and sometimes I wish I could shoot a wider or longer (more telephoto) shot, but most of the time the 24-135 does the trick. I've been thinking about getting the same lens for my SD Quattro H, and then supplementing that kit with a better wide lens than my 8-16 (something like the 14-24mm f2.8 Art). I'm still getting to know my 8-16 though.

A one-lens solution would be nice. I'm thinking a 20-200mm f4 IS Sport that's just a bit better than the 60-600.

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