Damaged filter ring on NIKKOR 18-200mm VR lens

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Damaged filter ring on NIKKOR 18-200mm VR lens

Damaged Filter Ring on Nikon 18mm-200mm 3.5- 5.6 VR lens (Note: Correction to prior thread:  I Incorrectly said this lens was  a 80mm-200mm lens).

This minute

My Camera is the Nikon D300 and my lens is a Nikon 18-80mm-200mm 5.6 Lens. I bought both in 2008 and neither is now supported by Nikon and you cannot order parts for either from Nikon.

The filter ring on the lens was barely attached to my camera and looked like it might fall off. Photo Tech in Manhattan asked for a photo. Since the black circular ring gasket ( I believe it might be called a #60 filter ring gasket) covered the heads of the screws ( camouflaging the heads of the screws) I assumed the filter ring was held on my pins. I was wrong.

So to take a photo of the filter ring, with my only camera, I had remove the filter ring to take a photo of it. My guess is that the 6 retaining screws were all loose and only one was barely holding the filter ring on. So, by pulling off the filter ring there is now a chip at one of the 6 holes on the filter ring, and one missing screw. There are 5 remaining screws of the filter ring.

These are my thoughts on the repair, and I would appreciate your recommendations.

  1. Take a tiny flat head screwdriver and carefully remove the gasket ring, hopefully preventing gasket damage, so I can reuse it. Is there anywhere I can purchase this gasket, in case it cannot be reused? It possibly is optional, but I think it might be needed to prevent reflection of the screw heads and light leaks.
  2. Since my filter ring is damaged at one hole, I could try just using the 5 remaining screws to reattach the filter ring, If still loose, what do you think of using a drop of epoxy at the damaged hole? Nikon no long sells the filter ring. Better idea: Where can I purchase the filter ring at a reasonable cost?
  3. Remove the remaining screws (Photo tech says they cannot service lens or camera body) Photo tech says I need a special screwdriver, used just by Nikon, to remove and reattach screws. Is that true? If so, what is the name of the screwdriver and where can one purchase it? I need one missing screw. What is the name of the screw and where can one purchase it? I might as well purchase a few screws.
  4. If I am able to purchase undamaged filter ring replacement, special Nikon screwdriver, at least one appropriator Nikon screw, and I can reuse or purchase new filter ring gasket, then I would use very small flat head screwdriver to carefully remove the gasket. remove the screws and screw the replacement filter ring onto the lens body, replace gasket, attach filter, and lens cap and then I would be good to go.

Another option is to bring the camera and lens to CameraDoctor in Manhattan. They might be able to repair it. Thanks for your advice!!!!!!!!!!!

Nikon D300
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