Interesting Issue Shooting in RAW

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Interesting Issue Shooting in RAW

Good morning.

I am new to the Fuji family, having just transitioned from Samsung. I loved my Samsung NX300, a very straightforward and lightweight camera that works well for beginners and intermediates, but with the company not behind it anymore and there being a couple of hardware glitches, it was time. After a great deal of research, I selected the X-T3 as my new camera of choice.

I had an immediate problem with the X-T3 and I wanted to share in hopes that others can benefit and avoid the aggravation I had. My problem was that when shooting RAW (RAF), the images rendered wrong though the JPEGs coming directly off the camera were fine. I thought that maybe the software was as fault somehow, so I moved to another package. Then another. In all I tried FIVE different photo editing software packages and they all gave me the exact same results. (No, did not use Adobe.) In some cases, the image was shifted to the right and I’d have more detail on the left edge of the JPEG. Other times I would have a wide, black stripe down the right edge of my image. Still others I would have major pincushion distortion along the right edge. Each image rendered with the same issues across every package I tried, leading me to believe that there was something going on with my camera.

Talked to Fuji tech support and was asked to send sample images and I did. I was met with confusion – nothing wrong??

After gearing up to return the camera, Fuji released an update to their RAW-to-JPEG converter. This update made my issue disappear, where it was showing the same issue before the update. Even images it rendered incorrectly before were suddenly fine. Hmm, so maybe it was a software issue after all?

I went back to the other packages, and the problem remained. After doing some digging I found a handful of packages that specifically support the X-T3 which included the open-source DarkTable – everything is fine. In looking at the photo editors that did not work right, it appears that the X-T3 is not specifically supported but that other Fuji cameras are, and they try to render the image and get it close but wrong. Therein lies the issue.

In summary, if you’re shooting in RAW format and you’re seeing really ugly errors – particularly along the right edge of your images – don’t be too quick to blame your camera. It’s 04/2019 as I write this and many photo editors still do not support the X-T3’s RAW format.

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Be excellent to each other.

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