Lens Choices for Trip to Singapore and Western Australia

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Re: Lens Choices for Trip to Singapore and Western Australia

Maikeru C wrote:

Planning a 2 week trip with my wife to Singapore and Perth Australia.

This trip I want to bring my Canon 6D Mk II, but wondering what lenses to bring. Singapore I know what I will see there, but have never been to Australia before. Trip will be in a couple of weeks and for the Australian segment we are landing in Perth, couple days there and then heading down to Margaret River area for about 5 days. Won't be heading to outback type areas.

Here's what I am thinking of bringing. (For each set I also will have the 40mm pancake since that takes no room at all)

1. 16-35 f.4 and 24-105 f.4


2. 16-35 F/4 and 70-200 f/4 (and I would bring my 1.4 extender if I bring the 70-200).


3. Should I just stick to the 24-105 and 70-200 with 1.4 extender and forget about the wide angle?

(The only other full frame lenses have are the nifty fifty and the 100-400 f4, but I don't think I really want to drag that 1/2 way round the world.) I have looked at previous trips, mostly to Japan, and vast majority of shots are at around 20 to maybe 70mm. Over many trips I have tried all kinds of combos from the tiny Fuji x70 to micro 4/3 systems and years ago my older crop Canon and assorted lenses.

I have no specific interest in birds or animals, but part of me thinks there will be opportunity to see a number of birds I have never seen before plus kangaroos, etc all of which are very novel to a Canadian resident like me, so maybe the telephoto should not be left behind? Pretty sure this is my one and only trip I will make to Australia.

Any thoughts are welcome.

When I was last in Singapore I had a 70D + 24-105L, and did not find myself really wanting much wider than that. Tripod useful for night shots across river to Marina Bay etc.

In Perth (I live in Brisbane and have spent 7 weeks in Perth in the last 10 months), I have had my M5 kit and used mostly 18-150mm & 11-22mm at times, but never felt a real need for 11mm much.

I also took my 6D ii + 24-105L once and found that 24mm on FF was really wide enough for most things. I was staying at the Crown hotel complex and they have a nice manmade lake frequented by pelicans, black swans and ducks, so lots of decent birding photo opps. I found the 24-105L was a bit limited (not unsurprisingly) and borrowed a friend's original 100-400L (I had left my 100-400L ii at home as I was there for work) - it was much better for birds. You can also see wild native birds like rainbow lorikeets and some parrots / cockatoos - go up to King's Park - lovely gardens, birds and views over Perth.

I did not get right down to Margaret River - only as far as Busselton, and only used the 24-105L. A tripod might be handy as you can great sunset and night shots of the city lights from the Swan river banks at south Perth.

I did not go on any nature reserve outings as I have obviously seen plenty of kangaroos etc, but I am sure they have such places in Perth.

Take something reasonably warm (not by Canadian standards) and waterproof for Perth - it gets cool in winter and gets it's rain in winter. I was there for 5 weeks in June / July last year, and not many sunny days. A mate lives there and was complaining yesterday about the cool weather - they had light snow near Perth for the first time in 49 years a few days ago.

So, in short, my suggestion would be 6D ii, 24-105L and something longer (I would suggest 100-400L if you can handle the weight) & a tripod. While the 16-35L is a nice lens, I think that 24mm on FF is probably wide enough for most things (I did not miss my Samyang 14mm f2.4 XP and I did not use my 11-22mm at it's widest much.

And pre-FF days;

Marina Bay hotel

Singapore riverfront

Nightly laser light show - Singapore

Botanic gardens - Singapore


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