couldn't take a photo for my child in the swimming pool

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Re: couldn't take a photo for my child in the swimming pool

I agree with most on here that are suggesting that the settings you are trying to use simply wont work without a flash. Something you could have done to get you a faster shutter speed is to purposely underexpose the image and then bring back later on in post.

If you MUST have f8 you could look at the following as a guide based on your settings, I'm not an expect but I believe the math below is correct and all settings below aside from the last one will give you the exact same exposure.

Your settings

aperture: f8

iso: 100

shutter speed: 1 second

since you don't want to go any shallower with your depth of field then f8 is a constant so we can only play with shutter speed and iso. Bumping that iso up 2 stops will allow you to reduce the shutter speed 2 stops, so you would have the following

aperture: f8

iso: 400

shutter speed: 1/4th of a second

We can see that we really are nowhere close to a fast enough shutter speed. Lets crank up that iso!

aperture: f8

iso: 3200

shutter speed: 1/30th of a second

So, as you can see, even with the iso up at 3200 your aperture is still only going to allow you 1/30th of a second for shutter speed. Now, lets try the trick of underexposing by two stops

aperture: f8

iso: 3200

shutter speed: 1/125th of a second

at 1/125th you are still probably too slow to freeze arm motion, water droplets, etc. Based on the maths, you're still going to need to adjust your expectations regarding depth of field or use a flash, math doesn't lie! (unless my math is incorrect )

Unlike others on here, I could care less how much you spent on year gear in relation to your understanding of how to use it.  You've got the gear, you just have to get out there and understand the basic concepts of exposure.  Good LucK!

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