WiFi connection keep dropping

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Re: WiFi connection keep dropping

DMKAlex wrote:

skyglider wrote:

If you're having WiFi problems, I wouldn't rely on letting Windows reinstall the WiFi driver. Suggest downloading and installing the manufacturer's wireless driver.

I have an old Dell laptop that came with Vista. The wireless was working fine with Vista. I clean installed Windows 8 (this was way before Win10 became available) and the wireless transfer rate was slow. I then replaced the Win8 wireless driver with Dell's wireless driver for that laptop that I downloaded from the Dell website, and the wireless transfer rate returned to the faster speed that it used to have with Vista.

So if you do let Windows reinstall the wireless driver and still have problems, try the manufacturer's driver.


When you say "wireless driver", are you referring to the driver for the network adapter "Intel Centriono Advance N-6205"?

The driver detail said it is from Intel.

Went back and searched through my notes. In my case, I had a Dell Studio 1537 laptop. Although I had fresh installed Win8, I installed a Win7 driver for the the Dell 1510 N WLAN (Broadcom 4322) wifi adapter that I downloaded from the Dell website. It fixed my slow WiFi data transmission problem where even youtube videos could not play back smoothly using the Win8 driver. No idea what driver Win8 installed for that WiFi adapter, but it did not work well.  (I replaced that laptop with a newer i7 laptop running Win10, but I keep that old laptop for backup.)

Regarding the driver, I guess it's like when Windows installs a generic PNP driver for monitors. The monitor will display OK but it's not the specific driver for the monitor being used.


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