Hydra Greece with V1 and new to me 70-300 CX

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Re: Hydra Greece with V1 and new to me 70-300 CX

At the risk of muddying the waters I'd like to address the appearance of "flatness" or low contrast in the first image of the door. Looking at the EXIF data in the large version I see that this image has a Color Space "Display 3," something I've never seen before. Google tells me it is a wide gamut space created by Apple for some of the 5K monitors.

Depending on the operating system and the browser used to view this image I expect it will look low contrast if the OS and browser are not "color aware." It looks fine in Safari on my iMac, which are color aware and recognize embedded color profiles. If the image seems low contrast then it could be that your OS/browser do not recognize that embedded color profile and are defaulting to simple RGB.

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