First Bird Photo...Equipment, Technique, Processing or ALL Issues?

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Re: First Bird Photo...Equipment, Technique, Processing or ALL Issues?

Somedays I don't get many good shots of birds as I like to have them close to me especially when they take off and fly. This goose was grazing really close to me when I got this shot, but I wanted to zoom out. However, the goose in the meantime started to hiss at me, so I thought it would be best for me to move away from the goose. Geese are nasty birds when you get to close to them and if you ever got pecked from one like I have you know it isn't fun.  Besides I try to let nature do what it normally does and I try to be the invisible man when taking photos of birds. Birds and other animals will get used to you as you visit the same location over and over again. I suspect this same goose will probably just ignore me all together once it gets more accustom to me. My point is it takes a lot of patience to take good pictures of wildlife as you need to get pretty close to them even with a telephoto lens. I'm not the the type of photographer that likes staging my shots as I feel it's unfair and maybe a little bit cruel to the wildlife. I like to take photos of wildlife going about their daily business without hardly noticing that I'm taking pictures of them. During the lull it good to make sure that your camera settings are the way you like them, but as I'm finding out don't go overboard resetting your camera settings as you might end up missing the shot.

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