When is a FZ1000 worn out ?

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When is a FZ1000 worn out ?

About to scrap the disappointing FZ82 ,.. but I might give Panasonic one last chance

It could be a second hand FZ300 or FZ1000 before eventually move to some APS-C or FF

My beloved FZ200 didn't impress with its longevity, neither did Nikon P100 before that

Looks like my bridgecams just are worn out in 2-3-4 years time generally, despite I care

Typically lens-error and focus-lack

Then a cheap practical solution becomes a somehow expensive solution over time

Also I don't like so often to need getting used to a new camera.

Now even a FZ1000 mk1 is creaping a bit up in price, maybe not far from a good offer on a Canon 7D mk1 that I also consider ,.. (to use with all the lenses I already got, and to get the house separated from lenses ,.. so I don't have to scrap it all ,.. every time.)

But how solid is FZ1000 compared to f.eks. FZ200 ? same level ? or better build ?

In comparison my old ancient Canon 500D DSLR refuses to die, 10+ years I guess

And also my wifes 7D seems to be of a much more solid nature

When I ask right now its becourse I got an offer on a 18 mounths old FZ1000 with shutter-count 7338 ,... the price is 55 pct compared to a new

Its tempting, I got a FZ200 worn out, a FZ82 woth nothing to me, soon some travels, but then again, a FZ1000 18 mounts in use might very well mean that only 18 mounths is left before the usual problems arrives again ,.. and I would like to break that pattern

There will be no more new FZ's , to short life , to much inconsistency ,. and bad samples

Sorry that my little write became a bit filosofical

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