Which Nikon DSLR has built-in stereo microphone?

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Re: Which Nikon DSLR has built-in stereo microphone?

While the next step up in their entry level line will have stereo mics, e.g., the D5500 and D5600, outside of better manual video controls, the built in stereo mics are not much better than a single mono mic.

The main reason is that the mic capsules have 100% no wind or pop filtering, the electret mic capsules are pressed directly against the 5 holes against each mic. This means that you will never have good quality if there is any kind of wind at all.

Since the mic capsules are also very close and are point up, you also get very little stereo separation. Here is a sample video I captured with my D5600 using the AF-P 18-55 kit lens at 55mm.

Anyway, in the clip, you will notice that there is very little stereo separation, not worth an upgrade just for that.

I took the clip and just exported it at 4K because uploading the 1080p file directly to youtube results in crazy bad compression artifacts, but exporting a 1080p video at 4K results in 1080p footage at a higher bit rate thus fewer compression artifacts.

Also used the built in flat picture profile.

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