GX8 Full Spectrum/Infrared Conversion

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GX8 Full Spectrum/Infrared Conversion

Hi all,

I have searched all DPR forums (and Google) extensively. There are a few comments here and there, but not a lot that's specific enough. So...

I have a GX8 that I am considering as a candidate for a full spectrum (1st choice) or infrared (2nd choice) conversion. I was wondering:

  • If anyone here has done an IR or full spectrum conversion in general, and if you'd be willing to share your experiences. Particularly:
    • Who did the conversion for you, and how did it go?
    • What do you think of the image results?
      • I'd be grateful for examples other than landscapes, especially interiors, people, and/or flowers.
    • Is the heat reduction system necessary for non-astrophotography applications?
    • Is heat reduction necessary for video?
    • Can the camera realistically be used hand-held after the conversion?
  • If anyone has done a full spectrum conversion:
    • Is full spectrum worth it? In other words, do you actually use all (or most) of the different filter options?
    • Does your camera continue to work well as a a visible light camera (with the correct filter)?
    • What happens if you shoot with no filter?
    • How well do the lens-front filters emulate the three main types of film IR
      • High speed B+W?
      • Extended red B+W?
      • False colour?
    • Can you stack other filters with the IR filters?
      • Does in front or behind work best?
    • Is it best to stick with one lens after the conversion (as is often recommended for IR), or can you interchange lenses freely?
      • I plan on using one of the 12-60 zooms as my main lens, but would like to use a fisheye or one of my macro lenses on occasion. Any comment on the use of either 12-60 for full spectrum?
    • What happens if you use flash?
  • If anyone has done either conversion on the GX8
    • How did the camera handle it?
    • How well do the images show up in the EVF?
    • Does the autofocus work well after conversion?

If you have any other experiences with full spectrum or IR you want to share, I would greatly appreciate it.

Many thanks,


Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX8
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