Could Topaz make Telephoto shots reasonable?

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Re: Could Topaz make Telephoto shots reasonable?

ADW02 wrote:

Using a Canon 6D, I hooked up my 100-400 L lens, took a shot at 3200 ISO at 400 mm, 1/2000 of a second, at f11, in broad daylight. The result was less noisy than I thought it would be, but of course it wasn't as sharp as a prime would be. I'm aware that no software will ever create an image that's as tack sharp as a high-end prime lens, but I've been wondering just how good the new Topaz sharpness and noise-reduction filters could be in creating an image that could be acceptable?

I first made various adjustments to the above-mentioned RAW file in Luminar 3, and then sharpened it in Topaz Sharpen AI, with the Focus settings at 90 and 90. I did not use DeNoise AI.The result was a virtually noise-free image that was very detailed indeed. I haven't yet checked closely for distortions, and I don't know how well Topaz could clean up and sharpen an image shot at dusk, with a much higher ISO setting, but what I've seen initially seems promising.

Of course, I'd much prefer a Canon 800 mm L prime lens, but I'm not so crazy about putting a major dent in my finances with the $13,000 invoice. I'm wondering if paying somewhat more than $400 for a 2x extender and learning to baby it for its best performance would yield acceptable results using today's latest software.

Opinions most welcome.

I am in a different system (m43), but after recently trying out Sharpen AI, my thoughts have been similar to yours:  this program is capable of some incredible results IMO.

With my PL 100-400 lens, on some airshows I have shot in the past, I have gone back and re-edited some of those shots, now adding in Topaz and it has done wonders.  The program has removed even more noise not picked up after the DXO raw conversion, and also added an extra pinch of sharpness.  This lens is apparently known for being a little soft after 300mm, so the Topaz program has done very well for me.  It is very nice using a relatively inexpensive piece of software to try approach the results of a much more expensive lens.  We are fortunate with so many options today.

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