Z7: rubber wearing off on the grip?

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Re: Z7: rubber wearing off on the grip?

Brad Herman wrote:

There is one guy who I had corresponded with who had purchased a new Z7 from an authorized dealer and was taking the camera with him on a trip. He opted to use a hand strap instead of the neck strap and after only one week, or 1700 clicks, there is an area on the grip where the hand strap may have abraded or gouged the lower area of the grip.

(see inline photo)

The site - photographylife (another review site) had purchased six Nikon Z7s for their review, and had an issue with the rubber grip on two out of the six cameras.

This guy had sent his Z7 it in to Nikon for warranty repair and it has been there now for a few weeks. He had asked Nikon if this was a 'common issue', and Nikon had replied "no, it was not".

Nikon said the same thing about the D600 dust issue. They won't admit to any issues if they feel it's intermittent enough.

I was ready to pull the trigger on a Z7 with several lenses, but now I'm not so sure?

Remember the D600/610 oil/debris on the mirror issue? For some reason it took thousands of repairs and user reports and the Nikon use base to get downright irate for them to accept the issue as a 'defect or QC issue'

I'm not saying that this sort of mentality is specific to Nikon, but with the DSLR and ILC camera sector sales pretty much trending down over the last few years, I would think that manufacturers would listed to their user base and produce quality products (can you say FujiFilm?)


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