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a6400 Questions

I’m interested in compact mirrorless camera for travel. I plan to get Sony a6400. I have no experience with Sony. Got some questions that I hope forum users here can assist with.

I have gone thru Sony’s manual online couple times: https://helpguide.sony.net/ilc/1810/v1/en/index.html

1. I use Back Button AF. On Canon DSLR, I program Custom Mode 1 for my use with Back Button AF. I then set Custom Mode 2 with standard shutter button focus. So I use Custom Mode when I need to pass my camera to others for quick photo. For Sony A6400, there is Custom Key settings for Back Button AF.   Does Memory Camera Settings save Custom Key settings?

Sony has Memory Camera Settings 1 and 2 + 4 more settings on memory card. The manual states:

  • You can register various functions for shooting. The items that can actually be registered are displayed on the menu of the camera.
  • Aperture (F number)
  • Shutter speed

2. Creative Style. For Sony JPEG shooters, which Creative Style do you use? From SOOC JPEG photo samples, I like Sony colors. However, I find Sony color sometimes way too yellow; a little muted; and contrast can be flat sometimes.

There are many Creative Style profiles to choose from, but customization is limited to only contrast, saturation, and sharpness. I can boost contrast and saturation to address flatness and muted colors. Looks like color cannot be tuned in Creative Style.

On the other hand, color can be adjusted in WB settings. Does anyone customize the color in WB? Seems like I have to customize the color for every WB selection that I plan to use (AWB, Daylight, Shade, etc).

Just an example of the yellow.  The scene is full of yellow and green, which probably made it worse


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