M6 + 100-400mmL II - no Extenders (PICS)

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SECOND set of Images - (PICS)

Another batch of images taken on the weekend with the M6 + EF 100-400mmL II lens combo. My parents have a house across the road from the ocean but I'm only there a few times a month when visiting.  The only image that required a serious amount of Noise Reduction was the first one of the Kookaburra (bird).  I ran a medium NR pass with Topaz Denoise on that shot (a Photoshop pluggin filter).  I had a Circular Polarizing filter on the lens and the bird was in heavy shadow.  A higher ISO setting (ISO 2000) combined with the APS-C sensor and lifting shadows resulted in a bit of noise that needed work.  This bird visits every morning and hunts for small snakes and lizards in our backyard.  Sometimes he brings his girlfriend. He doesn't leave any mess on the railings but he once left a dead (but deadly) baby Brown Snake behind.
Some of these shots contain interesting color and detail though they might not be perfect examples.  I figured they demonstrate a little of what to expect from the lens combo with one of the EOSM cameras.  The hardest thing was picking through all the thousands of images (literally) to decide which ones to keep.  I think I've only edited the ones that stood out strongest to me.

M6 + EF 100-400mmL II - A regular Kookaburra (Kingfisher) on my deck handrail at home.

M6 + EF 100-400mmL II - An American Alligator (part of a breeding program here)

M6 + EF 100-400mmL II - The beach across the road (nice detail too)

M6 + EF 100-400mmL II - Cunningham's Skink.  I can never catch these by hand.

M6 + EF 100-400mmL II - A couple relaxing by the Pacific ocean

M6 + EF 100-400mmL II - An Australian Dingo (native dog).

M6 + EF 100-400mmL II - Mick with 'Buddy' at a local reptile park.

M6 + EF 100-400mmL II - 'Buddy' the Tegu Lizard
(Shot from between the heads of a crowd of people standing behind a solid fence).

M6 + EF 100-400mmL II - Fishermen on the rocks.  They usually catch cuttlefish here.

M6 + EF 100-400mmL II - One of the smaller captive American Alligators.

M6 + EF 100-400mmL II - Last car to leave the park.

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