Should I get Z6 kit for $1999

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Re: Should I get Z6 kit for $1999

dual wrote:

upsidedown wrote:

dual wrote:

Local store is selling Z6 and 24-70/f4 for $1999. Thinking about switching from D750 and 24-120. Just wondering how much will I miss the extra 50mm of my current lens. It has been very useful for travel/landscape and no, I don't want to buy/use adapter...

is anything wrong with your current setup? what problem will you solve by moving to Z6

Mostly I want smaller, lighter setup and better video.

If I had the same motivation I would have started the car by now, and on my way to the store.

Speaking from my experience with the Z7 with the native Z lens, the focusing in video is infinitely more satisfactory than what my D810 can manage. I credit the on-sensor phase detection focusing system. And the Z6 is reportedly superb at video for additional reasons.

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