Should I get Z6 kit for $1999

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Re: Should I get Z6 kit for $1999

dual wrote:

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dual wrote:

Batdude wrote:

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Local store is selling Z6 and 24-70/f4 for $1999. Thinking about switching from D750 and 24-120. Just wondering how much will I miss the extra 50mm of my current lens. It has been very useful for travel/landscape and no, I don't want to buy/use adapter...

A Z6 WITH the 24-70 lens for $1999????

What store is this?

Yes. Can't say. Only couple kits available.

hahahaha ok fair enough. Something fishy is going on here that store is pretty much giving you the lens for free. I just can’t believe that kit is being sold at that price. If it is legit I wonder what kind of amazing sales there will be in around six to 12 months 😁

Nothing fishy they are well known store with good reputation. Maybe that kit hasn't been selling well.

Exactly my point, but still, that price just seems too good to be true.

then again the Fuji XH1 I bought it for $1899 and a year later the sucker dropped to $1299 with the grip. In only 12 months its value dropped dramatically. After that happened I swore to God I would never again buy a brand new camera and I rather wait 😁

like I said, if the price is legit then I’ll possibly buy one myself and good for me and bad for Nikon and that will be my way of sticking it to them hahaha πŸ˜€

if this is in fact a sign that these cameras are not selling that well then for sure I wouldn’t mind waiting a bit longer and see some insane good deals out there. Good for me the consumer πŸ‘

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