Should I get Z6 kit for $1999

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Re: Should I get Z6 kit for $1999

If you have not auditioned the Z6 you really need to determine for yourself if the change in paradigm from optical to EVF, along with 4k, is worth it to you.

I was on the fence until recent Nikon inducements because I did not think the change in overall bulkitude in real world use compared to the D610/750 was significant. Even after a month of use I still feel that way. The Z6 is physically smaller but still quite dense and relatively heavy. A masonry brick comes to mind.

To be fair I have an m43 camera that appears petite but with travel zoom attached weighs more than a small optical APS C with comparable travel zoom attached. EVFs have a lot of stuff packed into smaller bodies so size can be deceiving.

I am very fond of my Z6 but if I did not have much prior experience with EVF cameras the inevitable glitches would be frustrating--they're pretty mild on the Z6 compared to some other EVFs I have owned or used but they are waiting for you.

If the 24-120 is your only Nikon lens you will miss it. Nikon made decisions about focal distance that render the lens adapter quite thick, including the attached tripod mount. I do not find that a problem with single focal length fixed size lenses but it has an ergonomic impact as lens length extends and particularly with longer zooms.

That being said if the store will let you try your 24-120 with the Z/adapter you might find the Z6 body and adapter all you need.

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