long life for m sIs true ystem

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Re: long life for m sIs true ystem

I agree with dwfrommonterey's comments.

Here's my thoughts.

One reason camera sales are down is because camera stores, youtube videos, the 20 years olds working at Best Buy all push FF with no crop 4K video. They quote the stat sheet and guilt you into believing your photography experience will be lacking if don't take advantage of the FF benefits. After hearing this, people go and upgrade their cell phone.

Over the past 6 months, I've asked 4 camera store employees that I know fairly well what they thought of the M system. They all said, "I don't like it". When I ask why, NONE of them gave me a good reason. Other than , "I just don't like it". C'mon!

So I bought an M5 off of craigslist and took it on vacation.

After using it, I personally love this idea. I can go light, medium or heavy. I can go small, midsize or large, depending what I want to do.

Maybe if Canon added a better 15-45 kit lens people would feel better. I've found the 18-150 is pretty good and if I want better, then I can adapter other lenses and still save nearly a pound of weight carrying it around off the body.

I believe the Canon M system offers great flexibility and you can pick your price points. I think when camera sales become too low, the market will shift to the APS-C sensor, even M43 if development continues on. FF is just the trend right now and most enthusiast photographers aren't going to want to invest in 2k lenses in the RF or Sony systems to maintain it. They will come around.

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