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Paul Barnard wrote:

BaseballShots wrote:

Ok I hear/understand a faster than f4 (has OSS) would be nice

Would the rokinon 35 f2.8 (not stabilized) be an improvement? One stop of light. Vs 24-105

I have the 55 F1.8 that I have really enjoyed but am concerned with the focal length being to long for some of the indoor situations.

I have the 55 and I find it too long in most situations indoors. I have a Batis 25f2 and Batis 18f2.8. The Batis 25 is the one I normally have on my camera in these situations.

Practical perspective:

Wide aperture is always a benefit indoors but is actually less important with the modern Sony sensors. If you are looking for 'museum quality' images then wide and fast and a truck full of lighting gear is needed. If you are looking to have images to remember visits you probably have the equipment you need already.

Here is an image from a day or two ago. It's not going to win prizes or make it to a print on the wall but will be part of my desktop and screensaver carousel. What it does show is that provided you have the FOV you need to capture the image, so wide is important, you can use what are traditionally stupid aperture settings indoors in poor light by making the most of IBIS and fantastic ISO capability.

This was shot at f11 through glass in a jostling scrum of Chinese tourists. I took a series from f2 up to attempt to get a reasonable depth of field to get the horses and the charioteer recognisable. This f11 image at ISO 32000 gave me an image I can use.

Bronze Chariot at Xi'an

Second Paul. I used the same Batis 25/f2 lens when we visited the Terracotta museum last year. With the A7R2 great DR and ISO, I didn't have to do much in post processing to get some decent photos.

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