Canon 70-300 mm IS USM II on Canon 80D

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Re: Canon 70-300 mm IS USM II on Canon 80D

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Thanks George! Now that it's official and @ 300 mm (equiv. to 480 mm) and f5.6 (equiv. f7.84), what shall I expect in terms of image sharpness and/or ISO noise? Taking in to account, that this setup is meant for BF, where high shutter speeds and quick focus are inevitable.

Have you tried this lens with the 1.4X TC on Canon 80D yourself?

I do not have a teleconverter so I can not attest to the sharpness.

The camera focus is dependent on the actual f/number of the lens, not any "equivalent" number. At 300mm, that is f/5.6. With a 1.4x TC, that is f/8. The only reason why ISO noise would change is because you will be shooting with a stop slower lens, so with the same shutter speed your ISO will necessarily double.

I ordered the DGX 1.4X and I will give it a chance.. I will make sure that everybody here knows the results as I didn't find any useful information elsewhere about this experiment.. Thank you again!

One thing is sure: it will work in manual focus. Keep us updated.

I will! I've actually tried to fix the aperture at f5.6 on the 300 and tried to shoot with the AF and IS turned off on the lens and with an aperture priority modus with the 2.0X TC. I could "get around" the Err 01 and manually focus on a range of what believed to be 960 (300*1.6*2), but the the ISO was so high that the photo was totally rubbish (as seen in the view finder). The camera gave me back the Err 01 as soon as I clicked the shutter button. I was lucky for once to capture a photo, but its quality was horrible and generally that was not exactly what I was looking for when I thought of using a TC on that lens so I decided to send the TC back and try the 1.4X version after pooling your opinions.

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