Boys in Playground (series)

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skanter wrote:

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Paulmorgan wrote:

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skanter wrote:

I especially like the last one Sam, has an almost magical modern day Narnia feel to it.

Thanks, Paul. I rarely post series, but these all seems quite different. I agree that the last one is probably the best photo.

There all good Sam, the third reminds me a little of Nick Hedges pictures of 50 years ago, times might have changed but kids haven`t

Those are nice, Paul - thanks for the link.

Loads of happy memories for me, I would have been about 7 when he shot those, the conditions I grew up in what not quite as bad as that but kids tend to be happy whatever, always finding adventure in some form or other.

So difficult shooting kids these days wth paranoid parents. A few weeks ago i was sitting with my camera in another playground (I practice tennis against a wall there) and a mother asked me if i was taking photos of her children. I wasn’t, and I said no. She then called me “creepy” for having a camera in a playground. Suffice it to say, I was not happy about the remark and let her know it - emphatically!

Yes all a bit silly these days those folk would not bat an eyelid to cctv camera`s everywhere and post all to facebook for the whole world to see but a guy sitting close by with a camera oh dear

To be honest the way thing are now I`d be nervous photographing my own kids in a park, though there grown up now.

sorry to jump in ..I'm on the tail end of this. I saw Paul was on-line, and saw there was a conversation ..

Sam, when you said - emphatically!

What did you say really curious?

It was a long exchange that involved this one obnoxious mother and her friends who chimed in. I basically asked her how she dared go up to a perfect stranger and call him “creepy” and that it really pis*ed me off. And, that she was pretty creepy herself.

I did that once, I did that .. lol

I explained to her friends that I was a parent myself, and tried to explain a bit about street photography. They eventually came to say it was not me, but the “times” that was the problem.

Ah ..yea I do that bit differently, I tell them who I am and what I do.

In this park/playground pictured above, one kid was playing with the vine, kind of whipping it. A mother came over and said she would take him home if he kept whipping the vine. It seemed pretty harmless. She didn’t bother me.

I went out the other day, I mention it somewhere in the forum, anyway ..on the way home I decided to walk it, I passed by a parked SUV outside of the bicycle shop and the boy (3yo) was strapped into his seat, he was crying, and the mother was sceaming at him to stop (right in his face) and because he wouldn't ..she was slapping him.

Any comment on the photos?

Hang on ..will go look. Understand tho ..they are not the kind I go for.

back in a min (and with a coffee)

Holidays almost over but am on the job today Sam, books are going good, is all three at the same time now, thank goodness ants have six-legs mate.

anyway ..give me a min


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