Need some Topaz DeNoise AI help

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Re: Need some Topaz DeNoise AI help

poppyjk wrote:

Here is a guess.

AI DeNoise also sharpens as advertised.

The AI algorithms for sharpening actually substitute pixels where they have been trained in order to 'simulate' sharpening. Sometimes it works and sometimes it is just not even close.

With a bracket of three photos the AI program gets three separate opportunities to interpret how to replace pixels to 'simulate' sharpening. It is may be unlikely that all three attempts would make the exact same pixel substitutions.

And therefore, I'm guessing that Photomatix just doesn't know what to do to reconcile different shaped AI created 'sharpening' objects in the same place in the three photos.

I believe regular USM sharpening or specific lens sharpening only attempts to refine the contrast and resolution of edges in the photo. Photomatix has been created to take slight variations in this type of sharpening into account.

Or this guess is totally bogus and some real technical expert can address the problem.

I think you've hit the nail on the head Poppy.

Not sure I can see a way to use AI DeNoise in this scenario - presumably the noise is a problem for Photomatix anyway, so running AI DeNoise at the end stage wouldn't help.

I think you need to go back to your previous workflow Bruce.

My personal choice would be to run the Raw files through DxO as the first stage. Should avoid the problems you're experiencing, and possibly yield a better overall result.

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