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Re: Return RX100Va (M6 LCD polarization error)

noisebeam wrote:

elliottnewcomb wrote:

sadly back it must go, (with the m5 unwrapped accessories)! so frustrating.

Is the RX10m4 too big for you? Too big for me, if not I would definitely have one. It would pair well with your spotted rx100.

better check your glasses with it's LCD.

The m6 does need to go back. I went for a 60mi bike ride this morning and it chewed thru my head at first as a distraction, but by the end I was relaxed and clear the m6 goes back and I'll keep the 5a.

Hopefully my old m2 will die soon and at that time Sony will have a m6a or m7 with a corrected LCD

My big camera is Canon 30D (soon to be 80D) and several lenses, so no RX10. I specifically want a compact camera to take on my weekly hikes or backpacking trips when I pack light and go far.

Still no matter how I cut it an m6 would compliment the old m2 and Canon 80D better than the m5a.

(Can you imagine if the m6 screen polarization is due to the screen protector film Sony puts on that can be removed with difficulty. But I doubt it. Who wants to try )

Hi Noisebeam,

I've read this discussion with interest.  I like the way you think, and was hoping to get a follow-up on your decisions.

I have an RX100M4 that I felt could be upgraded, and the RX10M3 that could be upgraded to a M4.  I read about the RX100M6 and RX10M4 and Sony's new AF technology.  I decided to give my RX100M4 to a nephew who is just getting to appreciate photography and has no funds, and sell my RX10M3 to B&H so I could order the RX10M4.

I ordered the RX100M6 (this week) and was getting ready to sell the RX10M3.  The idea is that the new RX10M4 and RX100M6 could complement each other on expeditions.  The older cameras worked just fine together.  I could use the 600mm reach when shooting BIF or capturing some distant architectural feature and stuff like that.  Then, on days when I just needed a quick pocket camera, I'd use the new RX100M6.  Also, I liked the quick glass on the RX100's for indoor and dusk shots.  My only real concern was that as soon as I used the RX10M4, Sony would bring out the RX10M5.  That's something to consider.

These are all huge decisions about which I worry through the night.  I save up for these cameras for a long time.  So, I started doing more reading on the RX100M6 and saw that it has slower glass!  Oh no!  How on earth did I miss that?  It hasn't even arrived and I'm probably sending it back.  Some people say the slower glass is not an issue, but I think that slower glass messes with dusk and indoor photos!  (I don't know how to "stop" up and down.  I just like taking photos with P or Scene.). But, others on DPReview suggested I try the RX100M6 before sending it back to see how it works in low light.

Then, I read about your polaroid glasses problem with the RX100M6.  I also wear prescription polaroid glasses.  Now I need a new RX100, but not the M6, apparently.


What did you end up doing?  Have you been using the RX100Model5A?  Are you happy with the results?  Are you considering getting the RX10M4, or using your Canon with lenses for longer shots?  (Like you also own a Canon with a broad variety of lenses purchased over the years.  But, I don't like the weight.)

Thank you for reading this long message!

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