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Re: E-M10?

I own a EM5 mkI (broken), an EM10 mki (broken) and an EM5 mkii (working thankfully).  I would not have bought a replacement for my EM10 mki if it was still working,  because it was a pretty good camera. Contrary to what other people are writing, I also would consider an EM10 mkii snd iii a step down in terms of build feel.  (Sorry, this is just my opinion). The EM10 mki is built like a EM5 (without the weather sealing) while I am afraid to say the mkii an mkiii are not.

I know I am going to annoy a fair few people with this opinion, but the EM10 mkii and iii feel cheaper than the mki. They may be technically better, but I actually prefer the mki.  If it were me, I'd run the EM10 mk i into the ground and only then upgrade the body. By which time, mid-tier bodies like the EM5 mkii or a PEN F will be selling for a bargain.

As for the 12-40mm lens. If you buy the lens seperately then you will probably pay more than buying it with a body. If you want to save money, it might be worth waiting until you can buy both camera body and lens together.   Ironically,  I bought my 12-40mm lens split from a kit for £550 new and then ended up buying a EM5 mk ii body split from a kit lens for €500 new.  I think I was lucky to find these offers, but it is easy to get an EM5 mk ii with the 12-40mm lens together for less than £1000 without even shopping around.

Anyway, that is just my opinion.

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