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Dark slide wrote:

If you want a stopgap camera you could look for a pre-owned fixed lens camera with a very long telephoto capability. If you buy a new Sigma FF next year the telephoto range of the stopgap should give you a good insight into the range you use most for photographing birds. If you find it is 800mm+ you will need to rethink your priorities and cash flow.

Yes something like the RX10 line would be an option, I forgot about that. As for the range, I agree with you, but I think it depends also on the system used. By that I mean with the sdqh and 150-600mm, at 600mm it was pretty difficult to follow a bird in flight if it was not too far away. Now with an OVF / state of the art EVF I guess it would have been easier/

Panasonic makes some compacts with pretty obscene zoom ranges,

This example should be quite cheap by now:

If you get that SD15 and if you live in the USA, I'll be happy to send you a 70-300mm SA mount lens that I never use ...

Thanks for the FZ200 suggestion I looked at the used price and it's indeed cheap, image quality (sorry for the vague terminology ) looks pretty good, so that's another interesting option for me.

Thanks a lot for the offer on the 70-300mm, that's very generous. Unfortunately I live in France, and the SD15, although my "choice of heart" if that makes sense in English, seems not so reasonable.

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