Will Nikon mirrorless take better advantage of DX size?

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Re: Will Nikon mirrorless take better advantage of DX size?

While the A6400 has reduced the overheating, it has not eliminated it, basically after around an 1 to 1.3 hours of recording, it will overheat, but with better cooling, that could be extended indefinitely.

For SSDs, usually buyers want something that performs well for a lower cost, and NVMe m.2 SSDs have the best price to performance ratio when it comes to solid state storage that is faster than the old SATA bus. XQD and CF Express will have you at 3-5 times the cost per GB while being slower, and if they follow in the footsteps of XQD, still resorting to TLC NAND at higher capacities, thus less endurance than a decent m.2 SSD.

While there is a desire to make things smaller, it is usually based on utilitarian desires. For example, we make things smaller where possible but not at the cost of performance and functionality, especially if a sizable portion of the market are customers who may want to upgrade.

Beyond that, I do not deny that there are benefits to being smaller and lighter as I mentioned, but with everything, there is a trade off, and you have to consider what potential benefits are being given up for making things slightly smaller and lighter.

With better integration, It has become possible to maintain performance while making desktop PCs smaller, but the vast majority of people opted instead to use the space savings over the decades to add higher performance components and better cooling so that they may overclock more, in addition to increasing data redundancy, and that is because it is better to get those benefits than to just keep performance the same but make things smaller.

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