IR Processing- can't get correct WB on some images?

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jmbillings Contributing Member • Posts: 607
IR Processing- can't get correct WB on some images?

Weird problem- I've done IR on and off for a year or so. With blue skies and sunshine, I figured yesterday seemed ideal.

I shot a few images in the morning, and some in the afternoon.

The morning ones, I cannot for the life of me get the right WB. Picking my custom profile, it comes out very blue. I can get a mono image with the WB picker in Lightroom, but not the usual "beige" starting point.

The afternoon files are fine though?! Any ideas? Screen grabs below...

With custom Profile, "as shot" - incorrect image.

With custom Profile, "Auto WB" - incorrect image- very blue

With custom Profile, "As shot" - correct image

With custom Profile, "Auto WB" - correct image, starting point I'd expect for processing.

Incorrect image with WB set manually to match "correct" image- still very blue

Incorrect image with WB picked from mid-sky. Workable for mono but still wrong.

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