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KSauzeRK wrote:

Feel free to close or delete this thread if it's not appropriate in this forum.

I'm looking for some advice about gear.

All my Sigma gear was recently stolen in my house (SDQH, 150-600mm C, 105mm macro OS and 18-35mm). I'll probably buy Sigma's next camera but until it's released, I'm looking for cheap gear to take pictures.

The most rational choice would be some used camera that can take EF lenses, because I still have some good Canon EF primes (from 35mm to 100mm) that were not stolen. After looking through some flickr groups for Canon M50 or Sony 6300, I'm not really convinced.

Then I came across a used SD15 for around 200$. 5MP but still tempting. But I would have to buy lenses, and I don't want to spend too much money right now. So I thought about getting just one lens : the 18-300mm C since I'm into birds photography lately. Still a bit pricey, I can't find it in used condition in SA mount. And probably no use once I get Sigma's FF camera.

I don't know if browsing flickr groups is really relevant. I think I could get a good used camera for not too much money. Somehow the SD15 tempts me, but it doesn't make much sense given I have EF lenses. Well, I would have to buy a telephoto if I want to do birds, but still...Any thought on this is appreciated.

Wow that sucks!

Have you ever wanted to get really close to birds by using a big, long focal length, mirror lens? Since you don't want to spend too much money right now, I suggest using a T-mount adapter on an m4/3 camera. The lens/telescope you buy will still be useful on your L-mount camera(s). You can get about the same image quality that you would from a Canon, Fuji, Sony, or Nikon APS-C camera, but you get a 2x crop factor. I suggest getting a cheap, used Olympus, like this one:

That one has no viewfinder, but it's super-compact, and on a good MTO 1000A it would let you capture amazing photos of distant birds. You'll probably want to use the optional remote for shooting with that beast.

BTW, if you buy those two items, you won't find them depreciating in value very much. You probably won't lose more than about $50 to $100 over the time you have to wait until the Sigma full-frame camera becomes available . . . and you'll be able to use your Canon lenses on the m4/3 camera, with an adapter.

If you'd prefer to have a viewfinder you might like one of these:

Have fun shopping!

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