Canon m50, need advise on the best bokeh head to toe solution video

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Re: Canon m50, need advise on the best bokeh head to toe solution video

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If the 50mm + speedbooster still isn't wide enough you should consider 22mm f/2.0 or sigma 18-35mm f/1.8.

Thanks for the quick response, i am curious what you think about the lenses i have now and how i can make the best of them, do you think i can get decent film like footage, i do love the quality but if i can get the same from a sigma 18-35mm with out swapping lenses all day i rather find a solution.

I have used both. I own the sigma. In terms of size and weight they are like night and day.

The sigma has 4 disadvantages: size, price, weight, no IS. If those four aren't a problem for you it is a very nice lens. At the longer end the ef-m 32mm f/1.4 will be sharper at least both at f/1.8, but maybe also both wide open.

The 22mm is also nice. Less sharp than the sigma. Less bright. Heavy vignetting wide open. Also no IS.

If you load the lens correction data into the camera, vignetting is a non-issue for canon lenses in video and jpeg modes.

It's still not a non-issue.

The downside is that you can only have data for 3 or 5 lenses in the camera.

There is another downside. The correction will give more noise in the corrected areas. It works like a "locally increased ISO." If your picture is taken at ISO 800, at areas where the vignetting is 2 stops you will have the noise of ISO 3200.  If that f/2.0 is chosen especially for fighting high ISOs in low light and you see the vignetting pattern of the 22mm you will quickly discover this an issue.

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