Will Nikon mirrorless take better advantage of DX size?

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Re: Will Nikon mirrorless take better advantage of DX size?

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Somebody be more technical than me, but I say for DX APSC mirrorless Nikon would have to create another mount and another line of lenses and that is not publicly in the cards. Perhaps some hybrid camera dslr-mirrorless but the really with a mirror still and AF and metering sensor too? Could exisiting F mount DX communicate with some on sensor focus/ PDAF?

They don't need a new mount, take Canon as a example , their EF DSLR mount is 1mm smaller than the Z mount in diameter but is 9mm larger than the Sony E mount. The 4000D weighs 436 grams about 30 grams heavier than a Sony A6400 due to the pentaprism its 30mm taller, and 9mm wider, For differences in size between a Z mount and say a Sony mount body you could be talking of only a few mm difference, If Nikon compromise form over function like Sony. Compare the smallest lenses in the Canon DX lineup with the smallest in the Sony DX lineup, the pancake lenses, the Canon is only 6mm bigger in diameter despite having a much larger diameter mount, .

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