Will Nikon mirrorless take better advantage of DX size?

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Re: Will Nikon mirrorless take better advantage of DX size?

Nikon's FF mirrorless bodies and lenses are already quite a bit smaller and lighter than the DSLR versions, so if weight/size is your primary concern, what keeps you from going with a Z6 and Z lens?

If the answer is price: well, there will likely be lower-cost versions within the Z series, but I wouldn't get my hopes up for a broad offering, especially not APS-C-sized. There is not enough to be gained size-wise in offering APS-C mirrorless vs FF mirrorless, and duplicating a product range when you are in catch-up mode with Sony would be a foolish strategy for Nikon.  This is especially true since the longer-term prospect is much better for FF than for smaller sensor sizes since the latter segment keeps shrinking because of smartphones with their ever-improving IQ.

Nikon are better off expanding their FF mirrorless portfolio.  About the only exception I can think of is for wildlife, birding and sports, where a D500-like mirrorless body would likely sell well. But that is if, and only if, Nikon also introduces compelling long Z teles.

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