Wide-angle f2.8 zooms — so many options; which one’s best?

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threw the lens
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Re: Wide-angle f2.8 zooms — so many options; which one’s best?

Everybody wants to know "what's the best camera", "what's the best lens".

Fortunately you have mentioned your uses.

I'd say get the Tamron. You could save on the first version. The VC will be handy for taking shots indoors when you are without tripod or your own lighting. Optical characteristics are very good. Not quite as good as the Sigma Art but that doesn't have VC.

If you do interiors hand held the 15-30 is flat out better than the 16-35 f4 people are advocating here despite the fact that you only mentioned f2.8 lenses. The f4 sharpness is excellent but always vignettes in the corners even though it is only a slow f4. There is nothing you can do in shooting that is going to pull that one stop back which you are missing on it.

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