Stolen Z6 and FTZ

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Re: Stolen Z6 and FTZ

T O Shooter wrote:

Anyone considering a used or new never used Z6 from a private seller might want to check serial numbers.

Stolen in transit from the dealer where I bought my D850. Good fellows so I'll post the info

Link will disappear at some point so here's the info

We sent a Nikon Z6 + FTZ adapter to Regina, Saskatchewan, and recipient open a claim of the box being empty (only having a dumbbell and paper weights) .

Therefore, we are trying to track down.

Nikon Z6 body #4004083

FTZ Adapter #30024802

Nikon Canada has knowledge of these items, and is also keeping watch for them.

BJ Photo Labs. Waterloo, Ontario. Since 1984

possibly the buyer him/herself is a in regina, they could have purchased locally. there is Don's Photo, Bestbuy, LondonDrugs in the town, why to buy through ebay....No? your thoughts ?

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