When do you use other cameras?

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Re: When do you use other cameras?

Jeffry7 wrote:

Hi folks,

I just got the quattro sd h and an 85mm prime to go with it. I am still learning to use, but one thing I like is the inclusion of usually upmarket features like focus peaking and the digital level. I am coming from a Canon 550d and these features are not available unless you install Magic Lantern. (The level isn't available even then.)

When I read reviews on the camera before buying, the uniform opinion was that Sigma was very good for what it is good for. Examples included landscapes.

So my questions. Do you use your Sigma as you goto camera, or do you also use another camera for some subjects?

If you use another camera, when do you take the Sigma and when do you take the other?


I use other cameras if the light is going to be questionable.

If it's something with lots of light, Sigma makes sense. If there isn't, it's a tough call.

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