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Re: Best acrylic face mount options

nzsky wrote:

Hi A Owens, the printer is Corin Walker Bain, he is featured in "Nikons I am New Zealand", very inspiring work. His website is . To be honest I overlooked him initially because that website name didn't stand out among the many bogus sites and sign-writing businesses advertising face mounts. He uses Shinkolite acrylic, not sure about adhesive but if I remember the conversation correctly not diasec and not sure yet about the backing but sounded like dibond. I still fancy Trulife (uv blocking, anti-glare etc) and because he is a boutique printer and the number of prints would utilize a whole sheet I'm sure he could use that at an extra cost. Seemed like a great guy to work with. I was given a bulk rate which was a bit less than Nevada Art dealers (in NZD) but the shipping, customs and GST was going to be very expensive from either the US or Germany. Back-lit textile sounds intriguing, three of the prints will be of lightning bolts hitting Tga countryside, might be a good fit. I'm exhibiting in Tauranga, you are welcome to come.

Ok, if you are in Tauranga then Textiles Alive may be worth a call. They are local to you. Like us, they mainly deal at a trade level but because you are local and probably not a potential customer of their customers then they may be happy to talk. Either that or they can refer you to one of their customers.

You can see the backlit textile prints in the image in that link. They are more of a commercial  product for shops etc. but I feel that they are great for any image that suits that particular media. I am not sure how small TA will go, They have a big EFI printer (3m or 5m wide, cant recall but they may have a couple of smaller ones too).  They will no doubt have good colour management but will probably only be printing with 4 or 6 colours. However that is not really a problem with dye sub as the colour gamut is much wider than pigment prints.

We have recently added a little 1,6m 8 colour dye sub printer that would be great for a metal and a textiles retail offering but it is a case of finding the time and suitable distributors to take it to market.

Good luck with the exhibition. Post a link here when it is on!

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